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Erotic Massage is a method that can teach a man how to control in a conscious way the emotions, how to eliminate negative emotions and how to generate positive emotions. The masseuse activates energy paths and massage points throughout the body, in a safe and comfortable environment, that facilitates the free flow of sexual energy through the body and the energizing of the erogenous zones, giving you unforgettable sensations. You can experience perfectly controlled multiple pleasures by dissociating between the maximum intensity of pleasure and the sudden loss of erotic energy. The man thus manages to perfectly control the erotic energy.

Erotic massage seeks to broaden sensitivity through a technique that addresses the body's bioenergy and therapeutic applications. Is a technique of bodily stimulus that aims at the expansion of orgasmic energy, developing the therapeutic nature of pleasure.

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About Erotic Massage

The human body has a tremendous capacity to experience pleasure through its five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and, above all, touch. Heightening these senses to the point of exquisite joy is a playful art which brings a new and deeper level of intimacy between two people in a loving relationship.

Erotic massage is a means through which two people in an intimate relationship touch and stimulate each other, communicate love and tenderness too. Touch and massage, therefore, are the perfect tools for sexual foreplay. It is through the stimulation and stroking of the skin that sexually sensitive nerve receptors are set alight. Sigmund Freud described the human body as being wholly erotogenic, and it is. Indeed, it is through the skin that the tactile messages of love, tenderness, and desire are received. At this time, the emotions and the soul are nourished.

The massage aims to create a reconfiguration of sexuality, creating new synapses related to the sensation of pleasure and increasing sensitivity. This goes against the trauma and blockages that a person may have, related to the way he or she looks at sex and his or her body. In addition, the massage tones the genital muscles. This allows men to maintain a stronger and more lasting erection, for example, while both men and women begin to experience more intense and prolonged orgasms and even multiple orgasms.

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Erotic massage is an experience of how to live your life in a state of greater inner freedom, intensity, elevated passion, and higher consciousness.

In this Massage If you're struggling to open up emotionally with your partner' you'll feel more comfortable than ever by the end of the session.

The perfect way to get you both in the mood, an erotic massage is a great form of foreplay and can help build and prolong pleasure to make climax even more enjoyable when it comes.

Receiving a erotic massage means that you're surrendering yourself completely to your partner, and this requires closeness and faith.

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